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Mitra Global CMS
Mitra Global CMS

Research Projects:

Calculation of current density on electromagnetic scatterers using Fredholm integral equation models of the first and second kinds

Numerical solution of linear and nonlinear Volterra and Fredholm integral equations via direct method using special basis functions

Optimization of face identification process based on wavelet functions and transforms

Design and simulation of a low loss rotary joint for C-band radar

Design and simulation of an efficient limiter switch for C-band radar

Design and simulation of some bends for microwave applications

Integral equation modeling of some electromagnetic scattering problems

Proposing and formulation of some numerical methods for solving integral equations based on cardinal functions

Evaluation of singularity problem in the integral equations arising in computational Electromagnetics

Calculation of radar cross section for some two-dimensional structures

Proposing and formulation of fast numerical methods for analysis of two-dimensional perfect electrically conducting scatterers

Mitra Global CMS Mitra Global CMS Mitra Global CMS